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Bonn is a medium-sized university town with centuries of scholarly tradition, but it is also a dynamic city with an international outlook, owing to its preeminence and past history as the capital of Germany for 50 years. Thus, the infrastructure for hosting large conferences is excellent in Bonn. There are hotel accommodations in all price classes, including a youth hostel, as well as an extensive public transportation system (subway, streetcar, and buses). The history of Bonn extends back well over 2000 years, when it was settled by the Romans. It has thus a long and rich cultural heritage, and Bonn is renown for its medieval, baroque, rococo, and Victorian architecture as well. Furthermore, there are world-class art and history museums in the city, and sites of interest include:
Bird eye view over Bonn
  • The 11th century Bonn Cathedral (Münster)
  • Beethoven's birthplace (Beethoven-Haus)
  • Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Museum of Modern Art (Kunstmuseum Bonn)
  • Museum of Contemporary German History (Haus der Geschichte)
  • Zoological Museum of the University of Bonn (Museum Koenig)
  • State Museum of the Rhineland (Rheinisches LandesMuseum)
  • Bonn Opera House
  • Poppelsdorf Summer Palace
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